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November 8, 2007


Do you want NEED to sell some lots of units next year NOW?

At pennies-per-piece, small to medium size dealers can afford to drop 50k to 100k of these high-impact postcards that do absolutely NOTHING except drive customers to your store that are starving for a car deal.  All you got to do is make ’em one!

Call today and put cash into your salespersons wallet.  Keep the staff pumped up and motivated this winter.  Put the pressure on your F&I department to hang that paper.  Stock up on Sharpie’s for your desk-men.  Clear out the bullpen and make room for all them trades! 

This kind of marketing is the lubrication that keeps the machinery of a dealership moving.  Without it, parts start to rub against eachother, creating heat and friction.  Ultimately, if you don’t squirt a little oil in there now and then, viscosity and thermal breakdown becomes inevitable causing the parts to damage eachother and sieze.

Take care of your machine and call Hill Marketing Group TODAY!

866-572-4861 – mention the “Sheriff Postcard” when you call.  Click pic for sample.

Auto Dealers: Strong Finish to 2007

November 5, 2007


This blog post is intended for automotive retail dealers only. 

I am excited to announce that our end-of-the-year mailer is just about ready for release.  This piece that I’m talking about will work in any market because of the fresh and unique approach and design.  This year’s piece does not use credit data, which will allow many more dealers to participate.  We have joined forces with one of the top-rated cutting edge design firms in the world, and as a result, your next mailer will be received with the highest honors, resulting in many great grossing deliveries!


We will not be including samples on our blog anymore.  Too many copycats are visiting our blog and ripping us off.  We are beginning to see our ideas on our competitor’s websites.  Although we are flattered that we have such an influence on our competition, we are not in the business of providing creativity for our competitors. 


Dealers Only!  To receive samples, click on the “Buy Our Stuff” tab above our logo and request samples.  What you will receive is a sneak-preview of how we are going to shake things up in 2008, and become your first choice when it comes to direct-response marketing.  Dealers that are added to our core-group in November will gain a ridiculous competitive advantage in their markets because we will be shooting over pre-release samples by email about two months before the rest of the world sees it.


Being seen first in your own market is the key to the mystery of direct mail.  So, join our core group today by requesting samples by email and you will be added to the private email list that will receive pre-release samples two months ahead of time, plenty of time for you to view it, and respond back with a yes or a no.


There are over 20,000 dealerships in the U.S. and we only have about 1100 or so in our core group.  That means that there are thousands of dealers that do not receive our updates.  Join today by following the instructions here.  There is no cost or commitment to join.  Even if you never decide to run with us, at least you’ll know what’s going on out there.

John Greenleaf

Dealer Support Manager

Hill Marketing Group