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Hill Marketing Group constantly strives to provide automobile dealerships with the most creative and effective direct marketing campaigns to attract today’s car buyer.  We utilize modern technology and old fashioned work ethic to establish long term relationships that yields immediate profitable and repeatable direct marketing results.   


With multiple turn-key promotions and proven winners, Hill Marketing Group’s line of direct marketing products gives auto dealers a variety of campaigns to choose from that will fit any advertising budget and provide direct marketing solutions with turnaround time in as little as 24 hours. 


Hill Marketing Group’s qualified advertising consultants are extremely knowledgeable in the craft of direct marketing.  Our staff is trained on how to provide dealers with the best possible combinations of lists, letters and envelopes to ensure that your promotion attracts the highest volume of the most qualified traffic desired into your showroom. 


Of course it would be impossible for us to accomplish our goal of long term relationships if we didn’t make available to dealerships products that work over and over again.  If you’re in an area where our stuff hasn’t exceeded excellence, we’ll be honest and tell you.  However, if our stuff does work in your area, we’ll prove it to you by providing references and results summaries.  If ANY of our direct mail programs aren’t averaging above a 1.00% response, it isn’t worth our time or yours, and we pull it off the shelf.   


Our philosophy is that direct mail still works and it works extremely well.  But it has to be good direct mail or it’ll bomb.  That is why you’ll notice that each of our programs utilize specialized hooks to get the mail opened and read by the prospect.  If it doesn’t get opened, what good is it?  HMG puts more research into how to get the mail opened than what the offer says.  That’s the key.  You can do a mailer announcing FREE CARS THIS WEEKEND ONLY and if the envelope doesn’t get opened and the offer isn’t read, you won’t be giving any cars away.   


No long term commitments!  Try it out once, and if you hate it, never do it again.  We have a starter package to minimize your risk.  At less than six grand, the starter package is an affordable litmus test to verify whether or not direct mail works in your area, because if we can’t pull, nobody can! If you would like to learn how your dealership can benefit from our products and services, contact us for a free consultation. 


Thank you for visiting Hill Marketing Group online. 


To manufacture traffic, head for the Hill – Hill Marketing Group




One Response to “Why We Rock!”

  1. hamilton wallace Says:

    You should know about a product a client of ours just introduced–great for direct reponse marketers. It’s a new DVD that is flexible (half the thickness of a standard DVD, it bends and does not require protective packaging) and green (uses 50% less plastic and is 100% recyclable). It’s also half the weight (less postage). Google: flex-lite DVD. It makes an impression.

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