Live-Check Mailers

Send check mailers to pre-screened customers in your area that our lenders are willing to buy!  You don’t have to use our banks if you don’t want to.  You can hang the paper on a clothesline for all we care.  All we care about is “you selling cars!”  Our lenders advance up to 120% of retail book or MSRP and pay out up to 70% reserve.  We’ll bring ’em in ready to go, you land the car on ’em, send ’em down the road burning gas.

Click here to view check sample [1]

Click here to view check sample [2]

Click here to view check sample [3]

Click here to view check sample with MasterCard attached [4]

Click here to see if you qualify for free direct mail [5]

FICO: 500 Min.

DTI: 50%

POI/POR: Not required (unless stipulated)

LTV: 120% of retail book or MSRP

Advance on Warranty: $2,000 Max

Advance on GAP: $500 Max

Amt Fin Min: $7,500

Amt Fin Max: $40,000

APR: 4.9% – 24.99%


Currently lending in all states except Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Iowa, Louisiana, Tennessee, & Wisconsin.  Additional lending programs are available for dealers in these states with alternative mail piece.  Dealer Agreement required. Call 866-572-4861.

Click here to view printable lending guidelines

Or click here to view lending guidelines online (Direct Lending Source) 

Hopefully you will forgive the free direct mail trick!

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