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November 8, 2007


Do you want NEED to sell some lots of units next year NOW?

At pennies-per-piece, small to medium size dealers can afford to drop 50k to 100k of these high-impact postcards that do absolutely NOTHING except drive customers to your store that are starving for a car deal.  All you got to do is make ’em one!

Call today and put cash into your salespersons wallet.  Keep the staff pumped up and motivated this winter.  Put the pressure on your F&I department to hang that paper.  Stock up on Sharpie’s for your desk-men.  Clear out the bullpen and make room for all them trades! 

This kind of marketing is the lubrication that keeps the machinery of a dealership moving.  Without it, parts start to rub against eachother, creating heat and friction.  Ultimately, if you don’t squirt a little oil in there now and then, viscosity and thermal breakdown becomes inevitable causing the parts to damage eachother and sieze.

Take care of your machine and call Hill Marketing Group TODAY!

866-572-4861 – mention the “Sheriff Postcard” when you call.  Click pic for sample.