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Awesome Memorial Day Weekend Sale and How Automotive Direct Mail Saves the Car Business Once Again!

May 20, 2008

I am sure that more vehicles will be sold this Memorial Day Weekend than last year’s.  I am so excited at how receptive and pumped up everyone is about our Memorial Day Weekend 2008 Sales Event!  Putting these sales together has been extra fun this year so I just want to say thank you to all you car dealers out there that signed up.

They told me that it was sheer genius how I wrote my new sales letter using our Title List Data to go after those old gas hogs and make purchase offers for trade-ins for something a little more economical.  Many car dealers that called me for the first time did not know that I had access to massive lists of trucks, vans, SUV’s, etc.  When they saw my sales letter they just about flipped!

Here’s my reasoning.  Follow my thought process and see for yourself if this doesn’t make perfect sense.  Everyone knows about the gas price problem (I won’t argue for that here).  I attended a conference last month that had a session regarding the high demand for web developers and I.T. personnel in religious organizations (churches, ministries, etc.).  Since gas prices are forecasted to reach $7 per gallon in less than two years, these religious organizations anticipate losing much of their commuter attendance (people that drive a long way to get there). 

Many of these organizations have multiple gatherings on different days of the week (i.e. men’s groups, women’s groups, youth meetings, etc.).  With the economical pressure being experienced by American families, many of them will need to “cut back” on attending except for Sunday, or whichever respective day.  So the need for web developers and I.T. personnel emerges.  Why?  Because the plan is to accommodate those unable to attend by making services and meetings available online through streaming video and other interactive formats.

The point of mentioning all this is to direct your attention to when and how I got the idea.  I thought, “If these large organizations see such an impact on their businesses due to gas prices, then that could be huge for my dealers!”  (I’m always looking out for you guys!)

I got back to the office and pulled some counts in some suffering areas of the country (those most likely to be effected worst).  I queried 1981 to 1999 trucks, vans, and SUV’s from Chevrolet, Ford, and Dodge (gas hogs) within 20 miles of a particular store I do monthly campaigns for.  I came up with 185,000+ titles!  This means that I can send a purchase offer to the owner that is relevant to his needs while making an offer for a gas-saver!

Plus, because I can use variable data printing, the letter can be made out to the owner’s name, regarding his exact vehicle (make, model, year, color, etc.), at his current address, from the sponsoring dealer.  So it can say (sample, not actual direct mail offer):


My name is John Greenleaf, Used Car Manager at ABC Motors and I want to make you an offer on your 1992 Chevrolet Suburban.  With gas prices on the rise, I thought it would be worth a shot to write you because you may be interested in selling or trading now more than ever before. 

To be sure I win your business I’ve hired three independent appraisal companies to compete for your trade-in, just in case you want to want to trade for a more economical vehicle.  These appraisers will be at my dealership this Memorial Day Weekend only between 9AM and 6PM.  Give me a call if you can make it…

Initially I thought that I would write this as an additional product for Memorial Day only.  But now it seems that most dealers want to run this program till the end of the year.  With over 100k titles in our database for most PMA’s, you can run 10,000/month till 2009 without mailing to the same person twice!  This means that you can overcome the car dealer blues that this recession is causing.  So stop crying (the blues, that is) and start selling!

Automotive Direct Mail has saved the car business once again.


John Greenleaf (takes a bow)

Marketing Director

Hill Marketing Group

Tax Refund Season is NOW!

January 18, 2008

Tax Refund Down Payment

They will all have cash soon!  Tax Refunds are coming.  Use the season to your advantage and run a tax refund season mailer with Hill Marketing Group!  We have the pieces that pull the biggest response rates, that means you will have more customers to work.  With down payments from tax refunds, you should be able to make many sweet deals.  Automotive Direct Mail thrives in these conditions, so call or email today to get yours!

Happy New Year!

January 2, 2008

crystal ball

Last year was a great year, and we hope that this year will be even better.  To stay a step ahead of the game, a look into the old crystal ball is in order.  What do we see?  We see thousands of potential customers with a sudden increase in their bank account.  Wait, the fog is clearing; it is a surge in deposits.  These potential customers are all depositing checks that look very similar.  We see three or four – no, it’s three letters.  They all have an “I” and an “R” and an “S.”  That’s it!  They all have IRS tax refunds.

Okay, this means that some healthy car-deals are possible because they have down-payment.  This means that we need to get these customers into your store before they buy from someone else.  Why don’t we do this; let’s send them some direct mail from Hill Marketing Group, giving them a reason to visit – so you can close them!  The crystal ball reveals that they will buy from *somewhere* soon, but there’s too much fog to read the plate frames.  It could be you, or it could be one of the other dealers near you.  The only way to tell is to ask yourself: what do I have planned for then?  Have you planned the necessary marketing strategy that would result in your name on the freshly-delivered unit’s plate-frame?

If not, then give us a call or send us an email to find out what your options are.  We are fully-stocked with the perfect combination of mailers, data, and affordable pricing.  Our *well-thought-out* marketing programs are turn-key, so all you have to do is order and we do all the rest (except the test-drive, write-up, desking, F&I, and delivery)!  It doesn’t get any easier than this.  We even provide your sales staff and managers a training conference call just to make sure that everyone is extra-sharp and on point!

Remember, they will buy from somewhere.  What you do between now and the time they leave their house to buy will determine whether or not they include you as an option.  Why not send them a neat credit card offer with an insured cash prize that’s only available at your store?  That’ll get ‘em in.  Or how about a buyback letter that informs them that you’ll pay most for their trade?  Or what about a special-finance mailer using credit data from Experian, Trans-Union, or Equifax?  Postcards?  Saturation?  Let’s talk!

Automotive Direct Mail That ROCKS!

December 11, 2007

Hamm and Satriani

Notice the look on Stu Hamm’s face.  He’s blown away at what Joe Satriani is squeezing out of his Ibanez!  Even though Stu has played bass for “Satch” for years and has rehearsed countless hours with him, he still gets floored when Joey the alien emerges during the energy of a live show!

So it is with us at Hill Marketing Group.  Even though we create concepts, design pieces, and strategize around the meeting table for hours at a time, we still get blown away when we see just how radical of an impact our direct mail has on the dealers that we work with.

We have been getting calls from GM’s and Owners at stores that we’ve never even contacted before.  We’re finding out that we’re being referred by dealers from all around!  These guys all say that they’ve heard that we’ve got some stuff that rocks!  Here are a few reasons why we have the reputation we do:

  • Highest response rates that dealers have seen in years!
  • Fast turnaround time; sign today, sell units next week!
  • Immediate results.  Ability to save a month.
  • Packages for all budgets, never too expensive!
  • Wide variety of quality pieces.
  • Plus much more!

To find out for yourself and experience direct marketing like never before, give us a call and try something out.  Right now we have a Greeting Card piece that looks like a Christmas card, but is really a serious direct-mailer with a killer call-to-action.  Also, our Granite Bay Acceptance Card Mailer is putting ear-to-ear smiles on dealer faces nationwide.  From saturation pieces, postcards, and custom letters, we have it all.

Auto Dealers: Strong Finish to 2007

November 5, 2007


This blog post is intended for automotive retail dealers only. 

I am excited to announce that our end-of-the-year mailer is just about ready for release.  This piece that I’m talking about will work in any market because of the fresh and unique approach and design.  This year’s piece does not use credit data, which will allow many more dealers to participate.  We have joined forces with one of the top-rated cutting edge design firms in the world, and as a result, your next mailer will be received with the highest honors, resulting in many great grossing deliveries!


We will not be including samples on our blog anymore.  Too many copycats are visiting our blog and ripping us off.  We are beginning to see our ideas on our competitor’s websites.  Although we are flattered that we have such an influence on our competition, we are not in the business of providing creativity for our competitors. 


Dealers Only!  To receive samples, click on the “Buy Our Stuff” tab above our logo and request samples.  What you will receive is a sneak-preview of how we are going to shake things up in 2008, and become your first choice when it comes to direct-response marketing.  Dealers that are added to our core-group in November will gain a ridiculous competitive advantage in their markets because we will be shooting over pre-release samples by email about two months before the rest of the world sees it.


Being seen first in your own market is the key to the mystery of direct mail.  So, join our core group today by requesting samples by email and you will be added to the private email list that will receive pre-release samples two months ahead of time, plenty of time for you to view it, and respond back with a yes or a no.


There are over 20,000 dealerships in the U.S. and we only have about 1100 or so in our core group.  That means that there are thousands of dealers that do not receive our updates.  Join today by following the instructions here.  There is no cost or commitment to join.  Even if you never decide to run with us, at least you’ll know what’s going on out there.

John Greenleaf

Dealer Support Manager

Hill Marketing Group

Thanksgiving 2007 EPK is Here. Get Your’s Today!

October 8, 2007

To receive your Direct Mail EPK (electronic press kit) for Thanksgiving, 2007, send an email to: info at (@) hill marketing dot com or contact us from the “Buy Our Stuff” tab at the top of this page.  Your EPK should arrive by email the same day.

Only five weeks left to order Thanksgiving 2007 direct mail.  All orders must be finalized by 11/09/07 @ 1PM PST.  You know how time flies, so don’t procrastinate!  Request your Thanksgiving, 2007, EPK from Hill Marketing Group today!

Just some of the Thanksgiving 2007 Direct Mail EPK features:

  • Brand new fresh pieces
  • Email address capture campaign/contest for your in-house email marketing
  • Custom theme oriented pieces designed to drive huge traffic
  • New and Pre-Owned fresh designs
  • Variable data included (except for postcards)
  • MasterCard Mailers by US Capital, Inc.
  • Card Mailers from Granite Bay Acceptance
  • $15,000.00 Swipe n’ Win insured contests
  • Free turkey giveaways
  • Available campaign thru New Year’s Day end of the year blitz

This year’s partners, US Capital, Inc., Granite Bay Acceptance Corporation, and Western Sierra Acceptance Corporation, require that participating automotive dealers are licensed franchise dealers only.  Used Car points that are not affiliated with a franchised dealer may not receive Thanksgiving 2007 EPK’s due to the lender involvement.  Above referenced lenders will only buy deals from licensed franchised dealers.  If you are a UC single-point standalone store, then contact us from the “Buy Our Stuff” tab at the top of this page and specify UC single-point in the comments section of the contact form.

MasterCard Mailer: Special Finance Heaven!

September 24, 2007

Beginning to make some serious noise, our MasterCard® Mailer by US Capital is unquestionably the most cost-effective direct mail program in the country world.  That is quite a statement!  Best part, it’s TRUE.  With response rates of up to 6% (900 leads / 15,ooo pieces), NOW up to over 7%!!! (1,059 leads/15,000 pieces), this automotive direct mail program by US Capital has earned its way to first place!

To celebrate, ALL ORDERS in October, 2007 – get the special price: $1.39 each (5k min.)!  That is an AMAZING DISCOUNT of nearly 30% OFF retail!!!

Order yours today by clicking on the “Buy Our Stuff” tab located at the top of this page.

With prices this low, it’s even easier to upgrade your order with HMG’s add-on’s:

  • First Class postage: add $0.09
  • IVR and online CRM with premium lead forwarding (fax/email) only: add $0.09
  • 24/7/nights/weekends/holidays call center to capture additional information and set appointment with customer – added to IVR option for only: $0.07

At no additional cost, you can: 

  • Drop all 15,000 at once to flood your floor and create a salesperson feeding frenzy.
  • Do a split drop: 7,500 now and 7,500 in 2 weeks for a month long sales surge.
  • Do 4 drops: 3,750 each over 2 months for smaller stores or Special Finance deptartments.
  • Do 6 drops: 2500 each, dropping every other Friday (ideal for 2 man Special Finance tag-team or smaller store with less than 5 salespeople).

Experience the best in automotive direct mail for yourself!

US Capital MasterCard Mailer from Hill Marketing Group.

TurnKey/Plug-n-Play Promotions

September 13, 2007

[rockyou id=83917192&w=426&h=320]

US Capital MasterCard Mailer, Granite Bay Acceptance, Hill Marketing Group.

MasterCard Mailer Sample

August 30, 2007

This is what your customer sees when they open the envelope.  Notice the US Capital MasterCard that is affixed to the top right corner.  This is a 30mm PVC Embossed card, which simply means that it is the same size, weight and thickness as a standard ATM or Bank Card.  To see a physical sample of the US Capital card, reach into your back pocket, pull out your ATM card or any standard credit card, then hold it up against your computer monitor.  Voilà!  There’s your sample 😉  (Imagine the US Capital logo)

Click Here To View The Sample of the US Capital MasterCard Mailer by Hill Marketing Group.

MasterCard Mailer: Snap-Pack

August 20, 2007

Here’s a quick description of our MasterCard Mailer by US Capital

This program is our top performer, hands down, bottom line.  We know why this works so well.  It’s because the US Capital MasterCard that is affixed to each mailer makes the package irresistible to open.  The higher the number of opened direct mailers, the higher the number of delivered units will be.  There’s no arguing that point. 

Below is a sample of one of the attractive packaging options that the offer comes in.  Ask yourself: would you open it?  I would.  And so will just about everyone that we send one to.   Add the snap-pack envelope by US Capital to your next Hill Marketing Group event.




Click here to see what the packaging looks like

US Capital MasterCard enclosed in the snap-pack.