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Automotive Direct Mail: Summer Solution?

May 28, 2008

If this past Memorial Day Weekend is any indication of how automotive direct mail will perform this Summer, then expect a “push” on certain mailers and a “whoa” on others.  Out of the three different pieces I mailed, one stood head and shoulders above the rest.  Was it (a) the saturation pieces?  Was it (b) the credit mailer (pre-approved)?  Or was it (c) the one I said would out-perform anything it came up against? 

Not to pat myself on the back, but it was “c,” the one that I predicted beforehand to out-perform anything it came up against.  That’s right!  The greeting card I designed behaved just like I created her to do.  She was a good little animal this past weekend generating an average of 27 deliveries per 5,000 mailed!  At less than $180 per vehicle, General Managers, Principles, and those beloved bean-counters are all of a sudden paying close attention to those marketing folks over at Hill Marketing.

It makes total sense.  People love receiving greeting cards in the mail, be it a birthday, holiday, special occasion, etc.  Perhaps some sort of psychological satisfaction subliminally occurs when their fingers are carefully tearing open the edges of the sealed envelope.  Perhaps the anticipation of the unknown source of joy that awaits inside the envelope sets the stage in the mind that leaves it vulnerable and persuadable to a degree uncommon to standard automotive direct mail.

I really don’t know the exact reason.  But as far as reliable empirical evidence goes, dealers that run this mailer always sell many units.  If you have a favorite mailer that you run, I suggest you try it at least once.  Shoot me over the copy and I’ll get a proof out to you in the greeting card format.  If I don’t substantially increase your response rate, you can say so here on my blog in the comments section for the world to see.  But if you end up like everyone else – COMPLETELY SATISFIED – then we’ll keep it our little secret while you stealthily go into your PMA and snatch up all them deals, leaving your competitors in the dust.

Email for prices, turnaround, etc.  Also available: saturation, pre-approved credit mailers, buyback, title swap, customized, free consultation – no obligation.

Happy New Year!

January 2, 2008

crystal ball

Last year was a great year, and we hope that this year will be even better.  To stay a step ahead of the game, a look into the old crystal ball is in order.  What do we see?  We see thousands of potential customers with a sudden increase in their bank account.  Wait, the fog is clearing; it is a surge in deposits.  These potential customers are all depositing checks that look very similar.  We see three or four – no, it’s three letters.  They all have an “I” and an “R” and an “S.”  That’s it!  They all have IRS tax refunds.

Okay, this means that some healthy car-deals are possible because they have down-payment.  This means that we need to get these customers into your store before they buy from someone else.  Why don’t we do this; let’s send them some direct mail from Hill Marketing Group, giving them a reason to visit – so you can close them!  The crystal ball reveals that they will buy from *somewhere* soon, but there’s too much fog to read the plate frames.  It could be you, or it could be one of the other dealers near you.  The only way to tell is to ask yourself: what do I have planned for then?  Have you planned the necessary marketing strategy that would result in your name on the freshly-delivered unit’s plate-frame?

If not, then give us a call or send us an email to find out what your options are.  We are fully-stocked with the perfect combination of mailers, data, and affordable pricing.  Our *well-thought-out* marketing programs are turn-key, so all you have to do is order and we do all the rest (except the test-drive, write-up, desking, F&I, and delivery)!  It doesn’t get any easier than this.  We even provide your sales staff and managers a training conference call just to make sure that everyone is extra-sharp and on point!

Remember, they will buy from somewhere.  What you do between now and the time they leave their house to buy will determine whether or not they include you as an option.  Why not send them a neat credit card offer with an insured cash prize that’s only available at your store?  That’ll get ‘em in.  Or how about a buyback letter that informs them that you’ll pay most for their trade?  Or what about a special-finance mailer using credit data from Experian, Trans-Union, or Equifax?  Postcards?  Saturation?  Let’s talk!

Automotive Direct Mail That ROCKS!

December 11, 2007

Hamm and Satriani

Notice the look on Stu Hamm’s face.  He’s blown away at what Joe Satriani is squeezing out of his Ibanez!  Even though Stu has played bass for “Satch” for years and has rehearsed countless hours with him, he still gets floored when Joey the alien emerges during the energy of a live show!

So it is with us at Hill Marketing Group.  Even though we create concepts, design pieces, and strategize around the meeting table for hours at a time, we still get blown away when we see just how radical of an impact our direct mail has on the dealers that we work with.

We have been getting calls from GM’s and Owners at stores that we’ve never even contacted before.  We’re finding out that we’re being referred by dealers from all around!  These guys all say that they’ve heard that we’ve got some stuff that rocks!  Here are a few reasons why we have the reputation we do:

  • Highest response rates that dealers have seen in years!
  • Fast turnaround time; sign today, sell units next week!
  • Immediate results.  Ability to save a month.
  • Packages for all budgets, never too expensive!
  • Wide variety of quality pieces.
  • Plus much more!

To find out for yourself and experience direct marketing like never before, give us a call and try something out.  Right now we have a Greeting Card piece that looks like a Christmas card, but is really a serious direct-mailer with a killer call-to-action.  Also, our Granite Bay Acceptance Card Mailer is putting ear-to-ear smiles on dealer faces nationwide.  From saturation pieces, postcards, and custom letters, we have it all.


November 8, 2007


Do you want NEED to sell some lots of units next year NOW?

At pennies-per-piece, small to medium size dealers can afford to drop 50k to 100k of these high-impact postcards that do absolutely NOTHING except drive customers to your store that are starving for a car deal.  All you got to do is make ’em one!

Call today and put cash into your salespersons wallet.  Keep the staff pumped up and motivated this winter.  Put the pressure on your F&I department to hang that paper.  Stock up on Sharpie’s for your desk-men.  Clear out the bullpen and make room for all them trades! 

This kind of marketing is the lubrication that keeps the machinery of a dealership moving.  Without it, parts start to rub against eachother, creating heat and friction.  Ultimately, if you don’t squirt a little oil in there now and then, viscosity and thermal breakdown becomes inevitable causing the parts to damage eachother and sieze.

Take care of your machine and call Hill Marketing Group TODAY!

866-572-4861 – mention the “Sheriff Postcard” when you call.  Click pic for sample.

TurnKey/Plug-n-Play Promotions

September 13, 2007

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US Capital MasterCard Mailer, Granite Bay Acceptance, Hill Marketing Group.