Ah, you have shown yourself to be very wise in clicking here.  Prepare to be enlightened, grasshopper. 

The number one obstacle in automotive direct mail is getting the mail delivered, opened, and read.  If that doesn’t happen, then the message inside is irrelevant!  You can offer 80% off – this weekend only, but if arrives in homes looking like everything else, it’s a bust. 

The number one way to overcome the number one obstacle is to do the number one program on the market.  Our US Capital MasterCard and Granite Bay Acceptance Card Mailers are superb.  The finest in automotive direct mail is here, today, and is setting records at this moment as you read this.

You can feel the 30mm PVC card through the envelope.  It’s the same size, weight, and thickness of an ATM card or a credit card.  It even has the customer’s name in raised-embossed lettering.  This makes the letter irresistible to open.  Once it’s open, and once the customer sees the high-quality card with their name embossed (raised lettering) on it, they perceive the offer as important and informative.  With most of the initial skepticism removed from the equation, your customer will read the credit offer with an open mind asking, what’s in it for me?

There’s no magic formula here.  Doing mail this way brings six times the national average response rate – it’s insane.  Try it, you’ll see.

Here are some samples of the number one, top-performing, turn-key, automotive direct mail in the world.  Hold your breath and remain seated.

1. Check this one out

2. Check out this one

3. This one check out

4. Check one out, this

5. Out check this one

6. This, check one out

We provide a speakerphone sales training call to mentally prepare your sales staff for the abnormal sudden surge in traffic that this program brings.  We also will discuss credit scores and back-end related issues with F&I teams, desks, etc., to ensure that every aspect of the car deals are thoroughly worked to yield maximum gross!  It’s OK for good car guys to leave pennies on the table here and there, but it becomes a problem once nickels are left – know what I’m sayin’?  Owners and GM’s, you’re feeling me, right?


  1. sunitha Says:

    What is the difference between direct mail and credit card mailer?

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